Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yummy Yammy Biscuits

I am not much a fan of biscuits, but every once in a while I make them for my husband who adores them. Last weekend I came across this recipe in the Seattle Times for sweet potato biscuits and thought that might be a good compromise for trying a new recipe but making one of Will's childhood favorites.

Instead of sweet potato, I used a garnet yam, and I love the autumny color they have even after baking! There are little flecks of orange akin to carrots in a carrot cake, but almost like little juicy gems of beta carotene. 

I cut back on the sugar in the recipe, because I was planning to serve these with dinner. Iused 1/2 cup sugar plus 1 tablespoon maple syrup. I thought they still came out too sweet, but Will loved them. I also added some cayenne pepper and Chinese five spice powder to the dough before baking. All these flavors compliment the yams really well and make for a delightful, warm fall treat. Just make sure that those spices will go with whatever entree you are serving.

The recipe warns that these biscuits aren't quite as flakey (softer and more doughey) than a traditional biscuit, and Will commented the same (I'm not enough of a connaiseur to even know a "good" biscuit if I tried one!) But he also said he loves them, which I know is true due to the fact that completely against precendent, he ate the first two without even any butter!

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