Sunday, October 3, 2010

Purple Is Popping Up in a Panoply

I know it's not new to blog about the marvels at the farmer's market, but since blogging is new to me, I'm excited to share about the treasures that I've observed for a couple of years now, but only this summer have finally paid-out to try.

Purple carrots were my first foray, and I purchased them with some gorgeous golden beets which I simply roasted together in the oven.  My husband and I both thought we were quite clever that we'd put beets - typically deep red but in this case yellow/orange, with carrots - typically yellow/orange but in this case deep purple.

The next purple pleasure I tried was bell pepper.  Every few years, peppers seem to come out in a new color, and the distictions in taste and texture are noticable, but still somewhat limited.  I figured the same would be true for the peppers, which is why I didn't try them sooner.  I was basically correct - the flavor is probably closest to green and the texture is firm, but the skins (at least on the ones I had) were slightly thicker and tougher.  The real surprise though (don't look at the picture if you want to try it for yourself!) is inside.  I just diced these up in my green salad for a new flair of color.

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